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Pulp Magazine Autumn 2010

Model: Emma Champtaoup @ 62 Models
Photography: Juan Mon
Hair & Make-up: Hannah Wilson
Styling: Pebbles Hooper

Pulp Magazine Autumn 2010

What is it about the change of seasons that leaves us in a purgatory of trends? Some find ourselves tied between a myriad of looks when trying to 'mix things up' once the tran-season makes it's way over.
Could it be the anticipation of colder days that fuels us to prematurely bring out the not-yet-necessary-accessories? Because lets be real, layering is inevitable this fall.
'Modern Classics' are always an easy (not lazy) option. Let's not get the two confused. I can't emphasise enough the importance of tran-seasonal pieces to get you through Autumn and Winter.
Autumn is a beautiful and easy to deal with season, and however short - makes it easy for us to dress appropriately, as well as having fun playing with new colours and textures within your staple pieces.
The simplicity of summer is over. Goodbye tee's, cut-off's and wife-beaters. Hello pants, shirts, jackets and shoes not completely made out of rubber. Gross.
Creams and greys are all back this fall, as well as strong details, prints and structured shapes.
To over think is to over complicate, so layering this fall should be pretty simple.
Shirts are always a winner, the same goes for the high-waisted pant, good fitting jean, printed jackets, cashmere cardigans and over-sized jackets.
Prints can break up an otherwise boring block outfit, a high waist always slims and makes legs look longer, structured shapes avoid you looking like a slob, and cashmere cardigans are always a guaranteed 'prep look'. Which is highly underrated.
So in conclusion, enjoy playing this season. Keep the staples close-by, and stay posted for winter...

Photography: Mark Barber
Model: Samantha Shorter @ 62 Models
Make-up: Hannah Wilson
Styling & Words: Pebbles Hooper

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