Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Front Row NZFW Day 1

Click here to see Kate Rodgers, Rebecca Wadey and myself review the first day of NZFW x

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

The Galaxy 10.0

When it comes to technology, i know the basics. I understand facebook, instagram, twitter and even the complex ins-and-outs of hashtags. I know how to use emodicons and even have a pretty high score on Angry Birds. I do however, have trouble with other things like updating software, editing photos, attaching large files onto emails and using things like Photoshop. It's all a foggy haze to me. My attention span is too short to figure it all out unless i'm enticed by something shiny and new. It's like Samsung read my mind like a big colourful book with enormous letters. So apparently i'm easier to read than i initially thought. All you need to do is wave the new Samsung Galaxy 10.0 tablet in front of me and I'm all over new technology like peanut butter on a shag rug. Is there anything this thing can't do? Well yes, obviously, but it does more than i knew even existed on something i initially thought was nothing but a big smart phone that couldn't make calls. Turns out it can. And the cherry on the flat fibre glass tablet cake was James Franco's endorsement advert for the new 10.0. I do whatever that man says, except that whole arm caught in rock thing. But anything else. Yes. I'll be playing with my new tablet over fashion week hopefully putting all these new applications to good use. Stay posted. It's going to be fun!

Friday, August 24, 2012

NZFW 2012

I had officially retired this blog since i started my Tumblr account, however i feel it's more appropriate to write about things on blogger during fashion week. Something about it's layout makes me feel more verified. No particular reason, and to be honest, it really doesn't matter. I will be updating my take on the shows this year from my new Samsung Galaxy note 10.1, so stay posted. They're pretty amazing. See you soon! XP Tumblr

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Follow me on Tumblr!

I have moved my posting to Tumblr. I will still occasionally use Blogger, but in the meantime keep up with me here. xo

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

First Light - High Street Guild in Viva

Models: Lilly Sumner & Sam Trafford @ RED11

Styling: Pebbles Hooper

Make-up: Meggie Mapper using MAC