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Pulp Magazine Autumn 2010

What is it about the change of seasons that leaves us in a purgatory of trends? Some find ourselves tied between a myriad of looks when trying to 'mix things up' once the tran-season makes it's way over.
Could it be the anticipation of colder days that fuels us to prematurely bring out the not-yet-necessary-accessories? Because lets be real, layering is inevitable this fall.

'Modern Classics' are always an easy (not lazy) option. Let's not get the two confused. I can't emphasise enough the importance of tran-seasonal pieces to get you through Autumn and Winter.
Autumn is a beautiful and easy to deal with season, and however short - makes it easy for us to dress appropriately, as well as having fun playing with new colours and textures within your staple pieces.
The simplicity of summer is over. Goodbye tee's, cut-off's and wife-beaters. Hello pants, shirts, jackets and shoes not completely made out of rubber. Gross.
Creams and greys are all back this fall, as well as strong details, prints and structured shapes.
To over think is to over complicate, so layering this fall should be pretty simple.
Shirts are always a winner, the same goes for the high-waisted pant, good fitting jean, printed jackets, cashmere cardigans and over-sized jackets.
Prints can break up an otherwise boring block outfit, a high waist always slims and makes legs look longer, structured shapes avoid you looking like a slob, and cashmere cardigans are always a guaranteed 'prep look'. Which is highly underrated.

So in conclusion, enjoy playing this season. Keep the staples close-by, and stay posted for winter...

Image: Mark Barber
Model: Samantha Shorter @ 62 Models
Styling & article: Pebbles Hooper

Metro Magazine 'Objects of Desire' Feb 2010

Image: Mark Barber
Styling: Pebbles Hooper

Thursday, February 18, 2010


Images: Guy Coombs
Styling: Pebbles Hooper & Guy Coombs
Makeup: Megan @ Napoleon
Hair: Jason @ Stephen Marr

Metro Magazine 'Objects of Desire' December 2009

Photography: Mark Barber
Styling: Pebbles Hooper
Hair & Make-up: Hannah Wilson using MAC

Metro Magazine editorial December 2009

Photography: Steve Tilley
Make-up: Hannah Wilson using MAC
Hair: Miguel @ Stephen Marr
Styling: Pebbles Hooper

Metro Magazine 'Objects of Desire' November 2009

Photography: Mark Barber
Styling: Pebbles Hooper

Metro Magazine 'Objects of Desire' October 2009

Photography: Mark Barber
Styling: Pebbles Hooper
Model: Danielja @ NOVA

Pulp Magazine Spring 2009

Perhaps its the gradual decent into a global depression that gives those in fashion a silver lining when it comes to designing new and eclectic S/S collections for 2010.I love to experiment with new styles every season, however i am particularly fond of spring. Something about it's fresh vibrancy and power to turn people for the better (mentally and physically), really has an effect over me. Traditionally, spring is about stripping back the shell of blacks and greys to reveal brighter and more colourful trends - so it's clear that colour is a staple for this coming spring.From Jeremy Scott's latest S/S 2010 collection, the visionary designer turns the classic into the indulgent with his play on textures using rainbow buttons to cover entire outfits giving his collection a vibrancy which has been surely missed though out this bleak winter.Not only are international designers such as Bernard Willhelm, Sonia Rykiel, Preen, Zac Posen, costume national, and Estrella Archs turning to brights and textures to excite us with their latest ranges - local designers such as Zambesi, Lonely Hearts, Nom*D and World have also made the transition from dark to light, bright and fabulous.One can let loose this spring with the clashing of colours and the mixng of textures to create an overall look of energy that will surely carry through to summer.So like i said, sport colour, this season as much as you can - I know us kiwi's are hugely attached to black, but just try to keep away from the dark part of your wardrobe for a season. There's a time and a place for everything, and now it's the time for bold prints, block colours, floral's and neon's.
Image: Mark Barber
Styling and words: Pebbles Hooper
Model: Celia @ Nova
Makeup: Hannah Wilson using MAC

Pulp Magazine Summer 2009

It's Summer bitches! Yes indeed. This means wardrobe alterations yet again. I know we've all become a little obsessed for the past several seasons, with looks that simply need to be put aside. We've all been sucked in by dark leather jackets, jeans that have been dealt to with a cheese grater, and Doc Martins which simply topple all things summer, spring and general 'ladylikeness'. So how do we combat this overwhelming trend which seems to swamp our wardrobes making it almost impossible to introduce any kind of colour as it simply gets sucks into a vortex of minimalism and unoriginaltiy?
There are a few tricks to spruce up ones wardrobe without chucking essentials, classics or buying things you'll simply never wear. You should also avoid over complicating your look this summer.
Think of collections by Phoebe Philo, Givenchy, Riccardo Tisci, Therese Rawsthorne to influence you this season, Stella McCartney was recently quoted saying - "I wanted to teach my customers not to be afraid of the simple stuff." Which certainly applies this season.
Blushes and pastels, textured materials, simple and classic silhouettes are the key to keeping on top of severe wardrobe malfunctions this season. It's easy to over complicate and feel the need to over accessorize in order to 'stand out' as we always seem to get a serge of confidence during the warmer months.
But do not fret! Summer is about shedding back the layers of rags which are for warmth. Nothing else.
Play with pieces that simply personify summer. Take for example the simple onesy, hot-pants (without the rips), jodhpurs, silk blazers and summer dresses.
Keep the leathers, Doc's, fingerless gloves, beanies, pop socks and denim studded waist-coats at the depths of your wardrobe for another six months to a lifetime.
Local designers this summer have all included these aspects within their collections. Lonely Hearts, Ruby, Stolen Girlfriends Club and World - although different and unique in style, have all developed their own adaptation of classic and suitable summer gear for (lets face it) the best season of all.

Image: Mark Barber
Styling and words: Pebbles Hooper
Makeup: Hannah Wilson using MAC
Model: Courtney F @ Nova

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