Thursday, February 18, 2010

Pulp Magazine Summer 2009

It's Summer bitches! Yes indeed. This means wardrobe alterations yet again. I know we've all become a little obsessed for the past several seasons, with looks that simply need to be put aside. We've all been sucked in by dark leather jackets, jeans that have been dealt to with a cheese grater, and Doc Martins which simply topple all things summer, spring and general 'ladylikeness'. So how do we combat this overwhelming trend which seems to swamp our wardrobes making it almost impossible to introduce any kind of colour as it simply gets sucks into a vortex of minimalism and unoriginaltiy?
There are a few tricks to spruce up ones wardrobe without chucking essentials, classics or buying things you'll simply never wear. You should also avoid over complicating your look this summer.
Think of collections by Phoebe Philo, Givenchy, Riccardo Tisci, Therese Rawsthorne to influence you this season, Stella McCartney was recently quoted saying - "I wanted to teach my customers not to be afraid of the simple stuff." Which certainly applies this season.
Blushes and pastels, textured materials, simple and classic silhouettes are the key to keeping on top of severe wardrobe malfunctions this season. It's easy to over complicate and feel the need to over accessorize in order to 'stand out' as we always seem to get a serge of confidence during the warmer months.
But do not fret! Summer is about shedding back the layers of rags which are for warmth. Nothing else.
Play with pieces that simply personify summer. Take for example the simple onesy, hot-pants (without the rips), jodhpurs, silk blazers and summer dresses.
Keep the leathers, Doc's, fingerless gloves, beanies, pop socks and denim studded waist-coats at the depths of your wardrobe for another six months to a lifetime.
Local designers this summer have all included these aspects within their collections. Lonely Hearts, Ruby, Stolen Girlfriends Club and World - although different and unique in style, have all developed their own adaptation of classic and suitable summer gear for (lets face it) the best season of all.

Image: Mark Barber
Styling and words: Pebbles Hooper
Makeup: Hannah Wilson using MAC
Model: Courtney F @ Nova

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