Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Where do we go wrong?

Sometimes there are moments in life where you feel confident enough to know you're where you're supposed to be. Mentally and psychically. It's as if you've taken the right twists and turns throughout your life, and the galaxy or some higher power has put you on the right path so that good things will come your way.
The same goes with fashion. There are moments when you feel truly confident that you've made the right decisions. That you've finally figured out that 'this time' you're looking flat-out, and that nothing can bring you down. Finally, you're at peace with the way you look.

As time goes by, we can come to regret these decisions. Some may look back and laugh - others may never look back. And for good reason. I'm talking about our personal fashion faux-pas.
Is it the trends and the times that ultimately dictate these mistakes? Or our own mind playing nasty tricks making you think it was a good idea to team those bell-bottom jeans with that novelty over sized cowboy-themed belt and that plaid elasticated crop-top? I'm still unsure. However i do know that these mistakes are simply incurable, and unavoidable.

From the ages of 5 to 15, i think it is safe to say that between these years, you will make the biggest mistakes of your fashion life. It's not only because your brain is rapidly developing or the fact that your body is changing in ways that you're not yet used to, it is also because this is the time you come to figure out your own style which will carry through for the rest of your life will be, so it is only inevitable that you will miss the mark by a long shot between this time trying to get something right.

Of coarse as i write this, i can only think of my mistakes. They've been locked away in the back of my mind for quite some time now. I would say the extent of my worst ended when i was about 15. Although it took me 10 years to get my shit together. But who is to say i won't look back on today and say to myself "Mess."? I probably will. I'm wearing track pants. But at least no one can see me.

Thinking back, i have to layout the baddies. The handful of culprits that dragged down innocent people with their bad influence.
Firstly, i must mention tight white jeans. They're still all over town. Admittedly much less then a few years back - but they're still out-and-about. Why? There is no real answer for it. None whatsoever. And i'm quite sure that anyone who dares to be seen in them will look back and cringe. Nobody takes out their "Old skinny white jeans" and tries to squeeze into them years from now.

Another is the Ed Hardy craze. Who wants to look like a criminal disco ball? It's beyond me. Not only is the price the equivalent of a high-end fashion house - the designs, concept, digital imaging and even store layout is enough to drive a sane man crazy. It's 'Guido' meets punk meets L.A biker meets Paris Hilton meets The Culture Club. That's too much for one person to take in. However, if you're on Jersey Shore - you're an exception. Guido.

There are however some looks that will carry through without this problem. Basics (however boring) are a given. A good leather jacket will never let you down, and a good fitting basic trouser will always be 'old faithful'. Nothing with too much thought will always be safe - but it's good to take risks, because like i said before, mistakes are inevitable. But don't get me wrong, i am in no way advocating that people should fade away into an abyss of beige turtle-necks. No! I believe we should keep experimenting, take the risks of absolute failure. I would rather surround myself with clueless interesting people rather than average boring people.

So will anything change? No. Just acknowledging these moments in life will suffice. Keep experimenting and mixing things up. Who knows, you might land a look that triggers the hottest new trend? But if not, keep at it. Laughter is the best medicine.

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