Thursday, July 15, 2010

The airplane wasn't real - but it was bossy.

Today i styled a shoot which took place at Air New Zealands mock-up airplane hanger.
Best set up i've worked on to date, although i did manage to create an easily avoidable fail by forgetting to bring a rack. This left me having to set up in the coach-class prototype which was not ideal.
However! It was a lot of fun. Even my buddies Isaac and Katherine came along for a personal tour of the new Air NZ plane design. And we all crammed into the seats to see just how comfortable it would be to travel with another half for a 13 hour flight. Honestly? i would sleep like a baby. Hint. Hook me up.
Photos below!


  1. HA. Isaac's face in that second to last photo is gold. GOLD!

  2. wtf. two comments saying the same thing. fail.

  3. Can't wait to see the final shoot. Love that gray DP bag. Hell I love all the DP bags.