Monday, August 16, 2010

Is it so much to ask?

I've recently been spending my evenings sitting in front of my computer listening to the audio book of Bill Bryson's 'A Short History on Nearly Everything". Now i must admit that the last 1.4 hours of audio i have absorbed so far have left me feeling completely inadequate as a human being, for reasons that are even beyond me. For example, i cannot yet grasp the concept of the beginning of the universe. Its something i simply cant even imagine. Bill Bryson tries to convey the idea that a billionth of a proton was something that existed amongst nothing. Nothing meaning no space. Nothing. Like not even space with nothing in it. Think of emptiness and then take it away. And that's what you're left with. That, and a proton which is responsible for the 'Big Bang' and is about a millionth of an atom, created space (or the universe), which is constantly and infinitely expanding into nothingness. So! I wonder, what would all this look like? The sun, the planets and their moons, the billions or so floating rocks, comets and other mysilanions drifting particles which are responsible for the constant expantion of the bending universe as we know it. Christopher Kane has an idea. And i want to wear it.
Sure the Nubula print has been done before, but never before have i wanted to wear a whole collection dedicated to it. The structure, the digital imaging the begining of the universe! To die for!
Sure we may be insignificant human beings in the grand scheme of things - but for now, i would be content in knowing i was wearing something that looked so important.


  1. Ha ha, beautifully put! And I know what you mean.....I want to wear everything in Kane's collection too. Simply gorgeous pieces, the structure of those dresses are fantastic! x

  2. Love that collection. That book however - i have attempted reading it on the sand of the last couple of summers. Inadequate human being sums my feelings up perfectly. It was interesting, but a few pages would go by - and I'd be like WHAT have i read? I will attempt again this summer im sure.