Thursday, August 5, 2010

New Magazines.

I recently made the connection between the no money in my wallet situation, and the ever growing tower of magazines in my bedroom. Not that this will change anything in my life, or the way i budget my income, as i am a strong believer in hoarding magazines for future reference, and that money is made to be spent - on magazines and the things magazines feature inside their glossy desirable pages. So i ask you, what am i missing? I have all the staples i.e Russh, Another Magazine, Oyster, Vogue, i-D, Nylon, Elle, POP, W, Self Service, Dazed & Confused, Lula, but then there are those that i have few of, and they're becoming harder and harder for me to get my hands on. For example, Colors and The Face. I miss these magazines. And then there are new magazines i come across and can't help but buy, and then i miss out on lunch and dinner. Like Sang Bleu.
I would like some suggestions please!

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  1. Oh total love. I fully understand your magazine situation. You're not alone!

    Lets swap links ;)