Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Pulp Magazine Spring 2008

I think Spring is the most exciting name out of all the seasons. The definition includes ‘springing, sprang, sprung, leap; shoot up forth; come into being; appear; grow; produce unexpectedly....’ and the list continues. But think for a moment - all of these definitions are exciting, and all of them can be translated into ways that transform your wardrobe this season.
Saying goodbye to the sad, nasty and miserable weather that was winter, we can now look forward to the new collections being pumped out by designers locally and internationally.

I personally enjoy the idea that spring brings out flowers, sun, warmth, colours, and skimpy pieces which were hidden away for most of the winter, but can now be worn with pride as we all return to a more relaxed and sexy season.
Traditionally, one may think of flowery dresses, headbands, sunglasses,
jandals, wooden bangles and ponytails when asked what outfits spell out ‘spring’. And i’m not going to be one to look the other way. In fact the idea that spring usually gives me the visuals of grandma-printed floral dresses worn with bloomers and acid-washed denim jackets makes me warm inside - and this season i think one should embrace the look. (With a bit of tweaking.)
Designers such as Luella have shown the public just how to complete this look without transforming into a rose bush or an escaped retirement-home inmate. Instead the
floral's have a very clean traditional feel which flows throughout the collection, whilst teamed with strong tailored suiting jackets, fierce patent lace-up stiletto boots, and batman-style capes draped off the shoulders of these floral blouses and dresses. Think 50’s America meets English-punk.
None of this “wear a stretch wrap dress because you feel fat” will fly this season. Same goes for the ‘lighter’ versions of winter collections which included coffee, charcoal, cream, and the popular moss colour - which are to be locked up in the ‘never ever come to fetch us again’ box. This box should also house C
rocs, kitten-heels, fakes and those skirts that are to far below the knee, but too high above the ankle.
Designers who are including the traditions of spring amongst their collections this season are playing with floral spring patterns as well as bright blocks. Locally, designers such as World, Maw and
Hailwood have taken up the excitement of the warm coming months, and have consistently brought vibrant themes throughout their collections.
Cities such as Paris and London show this dramatic change in season with peoples wardrobe modifications. It’s almost like everyone goes into a fashion hibernation during the colder periods, and hatch the bright new colours when the weather is right.
This season should be all about the excitement when shopping or dressing. One should be inspired by the freedom that is warmth, colour and sun, and the transformation in style can lead in directions of changing ones perfume, hair colour, make-up, music taste, and lifestyle. Spring means vibrant and bright new things.

Image: Mark Barber
Styling and words: Pebbles Hooper
Model: Lily Montana @ 62 Models

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