Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Pulp Magazine Summer 2008/2009

"De-complicating fashion for young women" is how Hannah MacGibbon has described her latest spring/summer 08/09 collection for Chloe. The ideas for this summer are simple - No complicated prints, over-powering accessories or stiff rigid silhouettes.
Summer is to enjoy weather, friends, the outdoors and simple chic outfits which express a season of casual, understated and clean looks.
International designers such as Giles Deacon, Ellery, Lover and Prada have all taken on board this transition to leave behind the complex 'anything goes' trends that have so long influenced previous collections, and focus on beautiful, strong and outstanding pieces which include strong colours on both simple and intricate materials.
Silhouettes don't just have to consist of floaty dresses to give an outfit a sense of simplicity. Colours have one of the biggest roles this season - with the right use of beige's, whites, creams, blushes, sky blues, tans and pale yellows - an outstanding outfit for summer is easy to obtain and maintain throughout the hot season.
Forget vertical and horizontal stripes (both make you look bigger than you are), animal prints (unless it's Versace and you're sailing in the Maditarean), and boring printed tee's. They may be easy and good for summers weather - but to be fair, they're hideous.
Spring was a short season of trends like florals, boots worn with day-dresses, lace and too many accessories. Summer is here to scrap the layers, heavy shoes and prints, leaving simplicity to do the talking.
But one must remember that boringness and simplicity are two very different looks.
Baggy jeans and t-shirts are for the boring people going to get the milk on a sunday morning - strong summer outfits on the other hand consist of colour, textures and an overall look of effortless summer chic.
My opinion is that fall collections promote layering and wearing more (obviously for warmth) but also to make one feel good underneath a thousand layers. Summer on the other hand, is to shed it all, and bare the minimum, making one feel sexy with the few pieces that fall off their shoulders.

No one, no matter how lazy or 'unfashionable' want to carry the hassle of too many layers, too much black or being the odd one out during beach trips by being tied down with accessories and complicated daywear.
Think of a clean slate, and enter the new year with a new wardrobe that projects a season of silk chiffon's, cottons, linens and baby-toned colours with a sun-kissed tan.
Image: Mark Barber
Styling: Pebbles Hooper
Model: Tianna Peters @ Nova

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