Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Pulp Magazine Winter 2009

Paying homage to the futurist designers of the past such as Vivienne Westwood, Wild and Lethal Trash, and Coco Chanel, you get the feeling there is an air of youthful ease and embellished elegance this season. Winter is about wearing things in excess right? So who is to say that doesn't include everything from scarves, hats, jackets. studs, jewellery and any accessory you can clip, tie, wrap, stick or hang off yourself?I must confess i’m not being completely practical on warmth, but i will put this look in the category of ‘Indoor winter looks’. I am basically putting the emphasis on textures, shapes, and anything with lots of sequins, studs, buttons, rhinestones - you name it. This fall should be all about teaming opposites. Imagine Coco Chanel colliding with Wild and Lethal Trash? It seems unforgivable and wrong - but when done in the right way, it can produce one hell of a look. Already we are seeing the girls of today channelling a subtle version of this. Leather Jackets with floral dresses, socks and heels, skimpy dresses with nerdy glasses, and (the one example of how it can go horribly wrong), suits and running shoes. C’mon guys - You’re not dressing up for a marathon are you?
All of the slight changes are slowly moving forward to more extremes, bringing looks and trends from the past together in (i suppose what you could call) an outfit party.
Depending on your preference of looks from the past (or maybe even the future), putting them together can have a fine line between hot, and “Holy S*** WTF are you wearing?!”
But fear not - for the principles to which this reaction can be avoided are fairly simple - and the rules to combine them are all about the shapes you wish to make a collective.
For example: If your favourite vintage Rolling Stones T-shirt fails to cover up your stomach - simply opt for a more flattering alternative. Or, just stay away from Rolling Stones T-shirts altogether.
Designers such as Chloe who are known for their billowy, hippy-chic collections and experimenting with darker colours, sharper tighter silhouettes, and bigger embellishments from the fabrics to their accessories.

Matthew Williamson has also produced some pieces in his ready-to-wear collection that he has switched from his candy-coloured mini-dresses - to a more American Indian tribal look - Still incorporating his styles and shapes but including a different extreme to the collection.
Accentuating shoulders and waists, seems like old information being regurgitated into another piece of pointless information - but it keeps an outfit with a lot going on understandable.
If the layers and shoulder pads are blending together - one can be sure they will look like a walking sausage roll. Also, if there are a lot of contrasting layers, bring them together with a sash or belt.
So with everything going on, keep in mind that although the opposites are attracting - it’s a good idea to keep them consistent within an outfit. Simple things like matching the shoes with the accessories and make-up can have a huge impact in understanding ones outfit.
Image, words & Styling: Pebbles Hooper
Model: Lily Montana @ 62 Models

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