Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Pulp Magazine Autumn 2009

In-vision jewels, cuffs, rings, thick-gold and silver chains, bangles, and earrings this season. I've decided to write about accessories for this issue, as for the past couple of seasons i have neglected them due to the previous warmer months. But they're back with full force - and what is Autumn without hot accessories? Just another boring season i think.

Jewellery is like a second skin. It gives an illusion of elegance and style with clothing alone simply cannot project. I spent my last trip to europe sifting through department stores, vintage stores and markets for all kinds of exciting and eclectic pieces - and what did i come away with? Well not a whole lot due to the fact i was on a strict budget, but i came away understanding the importance of experimenting with jewellery that simply weighs you down. I'm talking boulders. Big bitches that makes people look and notice the details of an outfit. YSL, Emilio Pucci, Zac Posen, Chanel, Marc Jacobs and Louis Vuitton have all created accessories to shit all over the classic 'simple pendant and chain'. Who ever looks at a necklace smaller than a fingernail? nobody. Locally, designers such as Zambesi, Stolen girlfriends Club, Wunderkammer and Deadly Ponies have all made the much needed transition into Bigger is Better. Silver and gold look good together, leather and chains match, and studs rule over all - along with jewels.

I'm personally sick to death of this whole 'depression in the economy' business, so what's a better way to rebel this season, than stocking up on the necessities of the coming months. If you've got the budget - perhaps you can dip into the funds and grab some Chanel pearls, Van Cleef & Arpels rings, Cartier tiger bracelets or some Tiffany & Co.? But in all honesty, it doesn't matter where you look for your simple treasures for autumn. As long as they're not made of plastic or rubber - i think you will be in the safe zone. (I'm still not ready to bring back the skater boy look). There is nothing futuristic or bohemian about this look. Simply making statements through the pieces that reside on your wrists, fingers, neck and ears. But whatever you do - keep rings away from your toes. This is not necessary. Everything else is an absolute must - but not the feet. Forget the simplistic daisy-chain style accessories - They won't make any kind of statement other than "hey, i'm a boring person". Whether you're a chav, or a remuera housewife - the big pieces will suit and exentuate ones look.

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